Joy Luck Club Analysis

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In the ninth chapter of The Joy Luck Club, Lena St. Clair recognizes that she’s actually very confused about her relationships in life and how her mother’s intuitions and superstitions have taken a toll on her life decisions, which leads to Lena realizing some of the capabilities and intuitions that she has as well.
Throughout the chapter, Lena realizes that she is confused about the relationships she has with Harold and her mother. In her relationship with Harold, she grows to be annoyed and confused as to why he insists that almost every payment must be split in half. He said ,“You should have to pay for the exterminators… they're your fleas” (150). This made Lena confused because she was fine with paying in full for things, instead of splitting the cost 50/50, “I wanted to protest. I wanted to say, “No! I’m not really this way about the money….I’m really into giving freely.”’ (157) but she also thought it wasn’t fair because they were in a relationship. Lena mentioned that Harold said, “It is sleek, spare… nothing to disrupt the line” (161). When Lena brought this up she was justifying all of their actions in splitting their costs equally. This shows some of the confusion and conflicting feelings that Lena had felt because she was fine with not everything being equal, but she also wanted the relationship to remain.
She had some of the same feelings towards her connection with her mother as well. Rather than feeling mere confusion about her and her mother’s relationship,

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