Judaism Reflection

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This semester I gained deeper knowledge of Christianity. I have also gained new knowledge about Judaism and Islam. I would like to share how my upbringing in Christianity in both my Catholic education through religion courses and Baptist church upbringing with my family for my life to date varies from the knowledge I have learned this semester. In our study of Judaism in class, I have learned more regarding the book of Genesis than I had previously growing up in church. In the book of Genesis, I have now learned specific details of how earth was created. In Genesis on the 1st day there is light and darkness, but from my knowledge I’ve obtain about the creation of the world, I thought at beginning there was only darkness, no signs of light anywhere, until a spark of light came, which was from the creator, God. On the 2nd day there is separation in the planet between water and sky, because it was stated from our discussion that water domed over the sky. I believed that the earth was created with water and no signs of light at all. Then on the 3rd day, eventually the water started to die down due to the creation of lands and platforms. I think this remain in line with what I learned in church. Which brings up the 4th day, that involves light in the sky, making the sun, moon, and stars. During the 5th and 6th day the creation of life which included fish and birds on the 5th day and plants, animals and humans on the 6th day from the creation of God. The mentioned knowledge of

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