Judgement The Crucible

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The Crucible, an excellent drama for the large diversity of themes and its judgements to the drama. These notions and themes appear from the methodology of insincerity to reposition out of harm’s way and tossing an accusation towards another individual to the idea of valuing your family name. The witch-hunt plays an important portion of influencing the characters along with how they act to the events. The Crucible contains a variety of means to interpret the Author’s intentions of the Crucible, but the sentiments of the Red-Scare developed prominently throughout the entire drama. As mentioned, the witch-hunts procured an important role in replicating the same events that occurred in Arthur Miller’s days.
The Crucible’s relations with the Red-Scare remains as the most important judgement of the drama for the reason that the symbolism and language used within the Crucible. One of the most recognizable forms of language was with John Proctor and his hatred of Abigail. For example, on page 110, when John Proctor confessed his relationship he had with Abigail. Proctor refers his relationship with Abigail as a “hidden beast” for the severity and regret of their interactions. Proctor revealed his sin of adultery with Abigail, as he did not want his name damaged and to what he did, was evil to the public and to himself. In addition, Proctor
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Abigail exploits the witch trials on page 76-77, when Cheever mentioned that Elizabeth received an accusation of trying to kill Abigail. Despite the social position of Elizabeth, Abigail urged Elizabeth to remain trialed although the evidence proved rather superstitious than obvious. In fact, the Red Scare had suffered the same fate, as did the Crucible for the accusations. At times, people faulted others of Communism without significant reasoning, although some people actually identified as communist unlike the Crucible for
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