Judicial Process of the Supreme Court Essay

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Nature’s Judicial Process in the Supreme Court consists of decision-making; based on the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Although the Supreme Court has the capability to decide all extended cases; it also has the power to ascend under the Constitution, which allows the Supreme Court its jurisdiction in the Judicial Branch of government. The Judicial Process interpret the laws that are established in the Supreme Court; thus, allowing the Court to exercise its power by shifting its system under the Constitutional laws of the United States. Throughout the Supreme Court, many cases have been rejected and are deposed of, but the Supreme Court approves only certain cases. Thus, the Supreme Court reconciles the issue of that specific case,…show more content…
The Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka (1954) violated the rights of African Americans, which segregated blacks from white schools in result of being disjointed but having equal rights. Despite the support of the Amendments, the rights of African Americans in the America; consequently, had no impression since whites treated blacks differently and neglected them as outcasts who had no involvement in the white society. Although the fact of the case was distinctive, the concern about the issue was that the state supported segregation in public schools. During the District Court hearing of the Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, (1954) it was ruled in favor of the public schools, which the appellant appealed to the United States Supreme Court to resolve the unconstitutional decision that disregarded blacks from segregation. When the case was decided, Justice Warren stated that “the opinion should be short, readable by the lay public, non-rhetorical, unemotional, and above all non-accusatory,” (pg.318) is how justice is served in the Supreme Court to stop an end to segregation in the school system. It seemingly indicates that Warren wants the public to stop using segregation against African Americans, so that the blacks have the equity as
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