Julius Caesar : A Short Story

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The clang of the swords on the shields pierced General Julius Caesar’s ear. He couldn’t wait till the war against the Greeks was over and he could return home to his wife. He slaughtered 113 enemy soldiers and was still on the hunt to find one. He stepped over 47 bodies, some of which were still breathing and groaning their last breaths on the eastern shore of the river Acheron. Caesar's nemesis was General Brutus,the leader of the greek army, and his old best friend. After the battle at the River of Acheron, General Julius Caesar rode back to his camp, Gleaming in his Ice-white armour, shining in his glory after his victory vs the Greeks.
When the romans arrived at their war camp, they celebrated vigorously. General Julius Caesar reunited with his wife Sarah, and his two kids, Julia and Caesarian. Meanwhile, the warriors drank and ate all night. Finally when the warriors went to sleep and the celebrations had surpassed General Caesar went to sleep. When they awakened they found that their camp was roaring with ferocious red flames.The warriors ran to General Caesar’s tent to awaken him, but found him kneeling over two dead bodies, his children Julia and Caesarian. General Julius was as mad as a raging bull, he tore open the door to his tent and hopped up onto his horse. He told his comrades that he would find and kill whoever had killed his beloved children. When the Romans finally extinguished all of the fire, they packed all of their Armor and gear and rode off to look

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