Julius Caesar Analysis

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“ A hundred years cannot repair a moment’s loss of honor”. In William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, Brutus tragic fall of honor leads to his downfall because of his choice to kill Caesar, and believe that it was okay to kill Caesar. In the beginning of the play, the story sees Caesar celebrating the win against the enemies of Rome and being crowned soon the king of Rome. The story then cuts to Brutus talking to Cassius, here is the first place seen Brutus talking about wanting Caesar out of power. Cassius is at first no convinced, but soon sides with Brutus. Soon after, Brutus as figured out the plan to kill Caesar and puts it into action. After killing Caesar though, Antony sees the death of Caesar and is at first furious. Brutus leaves the place Caesar death, to go out and tell the people of Rome that this death is good. Brutus leaves the scene, but Antony then comes to also talk about the why the death of Caesar is bad. Brutus has lost his honor for killing Caesar and now has lost the power of the people of Rome. Brutus and Antony then fight with their armies, with Antony being on the winning side and Brutus fleeing. Brutus is now realized that he killed Caesar for no good reason and that he deserves to die because of his actions. He is soon found dead by Antony and his army, seen as a man who regained his honor because of his actions, he will be buried like a captain of the military would.
“He would be crowned: How might that change his nature, there’s the question.

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