Julius Caesar Leadership

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The play, Julius Caesar, is a story telling the events that lead up to this ambitious leader’s death and the aftermath. Julius Caesar was a great leader whose ambition cost him his life. Part way through the play he is killed by the honorable Brutus and some of his fellow conspirators. Although his life was ended short, Caesar was a brilliant military commander who won wars such as the Gallic, Helvetian, and Pompeian wars and used weapons that had a small influence on weapons used in the Elizabethan Era and was shown in the play.

Caesar’s Introduction to Military

Gaius Julius Caesar was born to a patrician family in the hub of Rome, Italy. At the time that Caesar was born, it was evident that Rome had “political, social, economic, and moral problems “(“Julius Caesar”). Growing up Caesar was like a normal Roman boy. Caesar was raised and “ received the classic , rhetorically grounded education of a young Roman”(“Julius Caesar”). Due to his family being of old origin and not having much power and his level of education, Caesar was not presumed to do much but take office with the lower status politicians(“Julius Caesar”). Although Caesar was still young he was not ignorant like a military leader should be and took notice in the fact that he did not belong there. When Caesar’s father died he started to make a better life for himself. When Caesar married, he got into political trouble and went into exile for a bit and joined the Roman army. Normally Caesar would have

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