Justice And Indifference In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The two texts that are about justice and indifference happen at different times, different places, with different people, but are the same in many ways. The reason this is, is because these story’s relate to what the story means, what I mean by this is that both texts involve traumatic experiences. In the lottery by “Shirley Jackson” a women named Tessie (Mrs. Hutchinson). She won the lottery, the irony is that she won but she didn’t win any money, no, she got stoned to death by her neighbors and family. In the poem by martin Niemoller “First they came” this poem is about how Martin Niemoller was a german-nazi. He was most famous for the poem that he wrote. He used to be a supporter of Hitler and he was put into concentration camps but …show more content…

This short story has Justice and indifference because after they killed Tessie when it was supposed to be Mr. Hutchinson. So maybe they felt bad for killing her because it really wasn’t fair or right. This story deals with indifference because they never helped her when she was dying.

In addition, the poem “First they came” by Martin Niemoller addresses Justice and indifference because Hitler defined Justice and indifference. He murdered insistent people just because of their religion and the way they looked. In the story Martin was a Nazi, but then decided that this lifestyle wasn’t right. He got put into two concentration camps. Lucky for him he finally escaped. The poem talks about how everyone had someone to stand up for them, but he had no one he was alone for standing up for what is right he never followed the crowd, unlike the towns people in the lottery. The towns people followed the crowd by killing someone who was insistent.

Henceforth, the lottery by Shirley Jackson is the same as the poem First They Came, by Martin Niemoller because they both deal with justice and indifference. The evidence is that in the short story The lottery deals with justice and indifference because when Mrs. Hutcheson got killed she said this isn’t fair it isn’t right. In the poem First they came he stood up for what he thinks is right and Martin got put in concentration camps for standing up for what is right. In the lottery Tessie had no one to stand up for her, she

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