Essay about Juveniles Should Not Be Charged Differently

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Many people think different when it comes to treating teenagers once they commit a crime. Folks think that their brain is not fully developed, but they sure do know what they are doing. If teenagers have the capability to commit a crime, there must be something between that made them act the way they did. Many blame parents for their child’s actions because they think that the kids learn from parents. For example, bad behavior, drug abuse, rape, murder, etc., but teenagers should learn from their parents mistakes. Teenagers should not be charged differently, if they are in juvenile hall or jail because at the end they still committed a crime. Many people blame the parents when their child’s commit a crime. “Moral are inherent from…show more content…
Hall did not want to choose what parent to live with, which he decided to kill his father. In the other hand, Joseph Hall did not have the right to kill his father or any other person. Even if Jeffery Hall, was not the best parent, by taking his life away was not the best way to get rid of his insane teachings. Every family is not perfect, even though the Hall Family was not perfect, it is better to talk things out instead of committing such an insane crime. Researchers do not believe that divorce always causes pain in children, it can have both positive and negative results. In the article “The effect of divorce of Children: What makes a Difference,” states that, some researchers have found that preteen children (about ages 10 to 12) are the most upset about divorce (Karuppaswamy 1). Joseph Hall was pretty much upset about his parents divorce and decided to take his fathers life away. Divorce may affect you in your social life, emotional, etc. but it should not take you to the step where you commit such thing as a crime or any other violent step. Nithyakala Karuppaswamy claims that, “Slightly older children can become aggressive in their play, games, and fantasies. For example, they may imagine or pretend to hit one of their parents.” This is exactly what happened to Hall but in his case he did not imagined or pretended to damage his father, he actually committed the crime. Over all, no criminal should be charged differently when
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