Juveniles Should Not Be Prison

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In day’s society, there is a lot of debate and discussion on whether or not Juveniles should be sentenced to life in prison. Take in consideration that were talking about kids as young as like 6 years old. People talk about whether it’s right or not in other country’s they even banned the death penalty. Different people believe in different things. For example a group of people believe that juveniles should be sentenced to life in jail if they commit a heinous crime. Then there are people that believe that the juveniles should not be sentenced to life in prison. I personally belief that Juveniles or young adults should be sentenced to life in prison if they did commit a heinous crime. I believe in this because in my belief I feel that if someone took the time to plan a murder or a rape or a killing and knows it’s wrong I feel that they know what they are getting themselves into. I feel that if they take the time to plan a heinous crime then they are aware of their actions and what they are doing. I personally believe that every human being knows it is wrong to kill another human being no matter what age you are. I know that there are people out there that believe a person in jail can change and they have learned what they have done wrong. I know that young Juveniles people say have changed in prison have gone through therapy and anger classes. I personally disagree with all that. There have been cases where Juveniles commit very idiotic crimes because a dumb influence and
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