K Pop 's Shady Business Secret Essay

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K-pop 's Shady Business Secret
The Korean pop or K-pop industry over the last decade has experienced a major increase in popularity that has made it a billion dollar competition for foreign music industries. They are especially known for their extravagant music videos and visual aesthetics, which have attracted worldwide followings. K-pop companies are also infamous for being brutally strict on training and restrictions for their trainees and idols. They fixate on the business growth over the musical talent and content. The problem that stems from creativity and commerce overlapping in the Korean pop industry is the unethical treatment of its trainees along with the racialization and exploitation of idol groups in different global markets, due to the commanding force of the industry.
The last decade has seen the rapid globalization and popularity of the korean entertainment industry worldwide, which is known as the Hallyu wave. It expanded into international markets through social media platforms such as Youtube, which served as a method of free mass distribution, securing many international fans. Having recently broken into the American and European market, K-pop exists as Korea’s biggest export, the industry itself being worth $3 billion. This results in creativity being determined by how much business flows into the industry internationally. As a result, there is looming pressure on the industry to continue growing and making big money. “K-pop is a business in which

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