Karl Marx And Max Weber

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Introduction Karl Marx and Max Weber both made tremendous contribution on the development of Sociology. Their studies and theories still have significant meaning for modern sociologists to explore the social world. As Weber are born after Marx about several decades, his theories are influenced by Marx to a great extend so that Weber finds much common ground with Marx. Their conceptions about religion,capitalism, social class and power are in some ways compatible. The aspects of their study are quite similar, and Weber builds upon the analysis which developed by Marx, Meanwhile, Weber is also very critical about Marx’s theory that they have different approaches when they define the social problems, such as their views towards work under capitalist society. For Marx, class conflict is central to understand work and capitalism, but Weber does not consider conflict as a central point to understanding the organization of work and the development of capitalism, he sees the importance of cultural preconditions and norms. With the development of industrial capitalism, work becomes an important aspects for sociologist to understand the society and social problems, Marx and Weber both put great efforts on study of work. Until today, in the circumstance of globalization, their theories are still effective to explain some phenomena regarding to work. This article aims to compare and contrast the theories of Marx and Weber on work, by looking at the contemporary issue of

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