Kate Chopin 's The Awakening

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Mamata Banerjee once said, “We are not Marxist or Capitalist; we are for the poor people”, and that perfectly symbolizes the Marxist cause. A multitude books throughout history and the current day are representing the groundbreaking thoughts of Marxism, and they help to demonstrate how vile Capitalism truly is. In Kate Chopin’s The Awakening there lie countless subtleties of Marxism and its standards. Chopin skillfully injects the ideals into the novel through characters’ actions and behaviors. Three characters in particular represent the evils of Capitalism in the teachings of Marxist, and those characters are Edna Pontellier, Léonce Pontellier, and Robert Lebrun. Each one of these characters’ Capitalistic ideals punishes Edna throughout…show more content…
When she laughs, it symbolizes she is attempting to ease the tension since she knows her marriage is making her displeased from the result of her lower rank. According to Marxism, Capitalism is the leading cause of this unjustness and abolishing it is a must for the reason that nobody should forcibly live as a subordinate to another person. Another exceptionally significant action Edna performs is when Léonce told her to check on the children, but when he falls back asleep she goes on the porch and cries (Chopin 13). Although it may seem she is crying since her husband would not leave her alone and blames her for the children being sick, it is just an illusion the author is attempting to create. The true reason Mrs. Pontellier is actually crying is that she realizes she is unequal in her marriage and that Léonce is much more dominant in it. An existence of social inequality is undoubtedly one of the biggest sins thriving in Capitalism, according to Marxism. Even though Edna is of lower rank than her husband, she soon begins to realize she is an actual person who is equal with others. This is a monumental moment as she begins to realize, and shows the readers, how ruthless Capitalism is covertly since she yearns to be equal with the others but cannot. In a similar instance, she reveals stating, how she never truly planned to marry her husband, “He fell in love, as men are in the habit of doing, and
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