Kate Chopin 's The Story Of An Hour

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Looking at the early and late 19th century paintings, one can see that majority of them showed women and children in their respective roles. Motherhood was revered and something to be honored and commemorated. The women were seen only in the roles of wives, mothers and caretakers and society considered this their appropriate place. Women who were single were termed as 'spinsters ' and were not given the same status in society as married women. In the story of an hour, the author, Kate Chopin describes the emotions of a woman who is married and tied down to this oath for the rest of her life. The author uses the ways of the society during that time to construct a story that accurately reflects the feelings of majority of women of that …show more content…

Mallard are crying are not of grief but of joy. She considers her husband 's death as an escape from a prison that she is bound to be faithful to. As soon as hears the news she starts planning for her life ahead that she can now enjoy. The story is reflective of how the women lived in the 19th century. Women were fixed into roles that society prescribed for them. Even the paintings and drawings reflected their roles that were submerged deep into the society of that time. There were many books and literature written during that time that accurately reflected the role of the society that forced women to stay at home.
"Whatever have been the cares of the day, greet your husband with a smile when he returns. Make your personal appearance just as beautiful as possible. Let him enter room so attractive and sunny that all recollections of his home, when far away from the same, shall attract him back" (Hills Manual of Social and Business Forms, 1888) This statement in one of the literatures of that time very accurately reflects what women were taught to do in those time. This statement clearly shows that women were considered homemakers primarily and their main role was to please the husband in every way, even at the cost of their own emotions. the line "whatever have been the cares of the day" means that women were supposed to hide their true feelings and emotions and just put up a pleasant front in front of men at all times, so that men should feel

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