Ken Louis Principles Of Investigation

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In class on Thursday October 1st, Ken Louis came to visit our class, Principles of Investigation, presenting over crime scene investigation. He has worked with the sheriff’s office doing crime scene investigation for the past eighteen years. While he introduced himself to the class he touched over his past history and how he got to where he is now and really accredited himself.
Sargent Louis began his PowerPoint touching on his first topic of physical evidence and trace evidence. He as well touches on the first responder and the steps they take before apprehending the evidence. Next he went over first responder duties using the acronym ‘adapt’ to explain these responsibilities. This information was interesting to hear from him as an officer in Topeka and comparing it to what we learned in class about a first responder and their steps they take when they arrive to a scene. He as well touched on his own personal experience as a first responder and gave a testimonial story …show more content…

After crime scene logs he went over evidence, recognition of evidence with the class, and areas of possible evidence location. Some types of evidence that were covered were weapons, blood, body fluids, tools, etc. Following, diagrams were shown of how you are to record evidence visually by using scene diagrams for example right angle coordinate and straight line. Part of the evidence recognition includes photography procedures/ ‘painting with light’, methodology, and recording by the use of cameras which he explained in detail as he touched on photo equipment and lighting. For example, the use of different kinds of lighting to lift certain evidence was explained including the use of black light to view body fluid evidence. The idea of photo methodology includes the use of tools to measure evidence in photos and to do this accurately for labs. The ideal way to do this is to use a one to one

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