Key Stakeholders For Sainsbury 's

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Key stakeholders for Sainsbury’s are;
Customers- Customers want the company to improve and give them better value for every product they buy. They want the company to produce high quality products for them. Customers are one of the main stakeholders of private sectors such as Sainsbury’s because without them Sainsbury’s wouldn’t achieve their aim.
Suppliers- Suppliers are also main stakeholders who influence the purpose of Sainsbury’s. Suppliers want their prompt payment. They supply steady orders and get paid by Sainsbury’s. They work for such company’s who respect them and value them.
Employees- Employees expect from the company to provide them with a source of income. They also want to work for the company they are interested in. The company they feel proud about and want it to progress.
Owners- Sainsbury’s have shareholders in the form of stakeholders. Owners are one of the most important stakeholders. They want their business to expand and earn as much profit as they can. Owners aim to make money and raise the business they have shares in. They buy and sell their shares in order to see their share of profit increasing.
Key stakeholders of Metropolitan police: Government- Government is the main stakeholder of Metropolitan police as they invest all the funds and money in police department. Police arrange meetings to see where the money is spent.
Trade unions- Trade unions work to show the interest, employees have in their respective work. They arrange for the

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