Key Steps to Winterizing Your RV Essay

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Key Steps to Winterizing Your RV

Remember that RV that you spent all summer touring about the country in? Well its that time of year when you need prepare for the long winter months that are ahead of us. It is very important that you take these steps to protect your RV, if you don’t this can result in some very unpleasant discoveries next year when you try to go out on that first trip of the summer.

Winterizing the plumbing in your RV is probably the most important component to preparing your rig for winter. If there is any chance of the temperatures reaching freezing, this is a must.

First off you need to flush out any water reservoirs: the blank and gray tanks, the water heater and fresh water system. Once you have drained …show more content…

And yes, rodents will try to get inside your RV; it would be like a five star resort for them to spend the winter months in.
The first thing you want do is remove any food or fragrant items from the RV. This includes soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Clean everywhere. Crumbs have habit of hiding in hard to find nooks and crannies. There should be nothing to even resemble a food source for mice, rats or squirrels. Clean and defrost your refrigerator and freezer. Prop open, their doors and leave an open container of baking soda inside to absorb scents. Leaving dryer sheets, like Bounce, about the rig should help deter rodents, but traditional mousetraps are quite effective.
Close all the curtains and blinds to protect the upholstery from the sun. Take batteries out of flashlights and clocks, but don’t forget to put them back in again next summer. Use moisture absorbent like Damp Rid or Dri-Z-Air, this will help prevent mold and mildew from taking root.

Exterior Preparation
When preventing rodents from moving in to your RV you can’t just rely on not having any appetizing smelling items in there. Examine the exterior of your rig, from top to bottom, looking for any openings that could let in a rodent. Don’t forget a mouse can fit through any hole that you can stick your finger in.
The best place to store your RV during the winter is under some kind of man-made shelter, like a carport. But, not all of us have access to something like that. The

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