Kh The Powerful And Efficacious General That Khan

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Living on the dry, barren steppes of Mongolia in the 1200s, C.E., were a group of nomadic warriors known as the Mongols. These people were primarily livestock herders and displayed extraordinary horsemanship, living on the dry barren steppes of Mongolia; this unforested flat expanse of land was not the most agreeable or appropriate for farming, and their winters were harsh and endless, leading to their diet comprising mainly of animal byproducts. Their society was at first disorganised and chaotic, separated into warring clans that were politically fragmented. These tribal confederacies constantly struggled and battled one another for dominance and to survive, but their greatest leader, and soon-to-be military official, would soon bring their empire to eminence and lasting infamy. They rose to power under the strong leadership of Kublai Khan. The powerful and efficacious general that Khan undoubtedly was, his led his troops to countless illustrious victories during his rule. These included Europe, Persia, and many Central / Eastern Asian entities, expanding along the Silk Road over a time spanning most of the 13th century (Prawdin). This close-to-manic thirst for land continued long after his death, carried on by his grandson Genghis Khan, to eventually create the largest empire known to man to this day still (Rossabi, "Khubilai", 94). Regardless of the reputation, the Mongols should be perceived as they truly are, taking in account the good and focusing on their

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