Kierkegaard Research Paper

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While trying to figure out what Kierkegaard’s definition of a human being is. One first needs to know who Kierkegaard was, he was a Lutheran philosopher from Denmark around the 1900’s. Kierkegaard’s was a philosopher who studied Existentialism. Kierkegaard paid close attention to how religion can help with Angst unlike Nietzsche and Sartre. Existentialism is the attention to angst, which means a feeling of deep anxiety that is persistent worrying about something. He focused on three main ideas on one’s individualism is aesthetics, ethical and religion. The first main point is aesthetics which is the kind of totally absorption, which we experience every day. Either having good or bad moments and remembering them. The aesthetic choices do no …show more content…

In order for you to be a human you have to make choices and decisions even if it is a risk and you have to take a leap of faith. One does not realize that we are making choices every single second of the day, we cannot help but make decisions on a day to day biases. One has to realize that you are only given one chance to live and one should make the right choices to make it the best life. Life can be meaningless if one does not make choices to make it otherwise. This does not mean that life is one specific way. It all depends on the choices that one makes. All these choices that one makes along the way makes you and individual person. Lastly his greatest idea that fact that we are all sinful human beings and that one can try to make all the right decisions but we are unable to do so because of our sinful nature. Being able to acknowledge that we are not perfect and that we need God’s forgiveness. With his forgiveness, we are able to come to acceptance with ourselves. That is why humans are not at rest until they are at rest with Christ as it says in Confessions “our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in

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