Killer Whales : The Killer Whale Essay

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The largest member of the dolphin family is the killer whale, the killer whale is often referred to as an orca. Killer whales are important to biology because they are essential to the oceanic ecosystem. They keep the food chain intake balanced by regulating certain marine mammals, and that helps other animals to not become overpopulated. Killer whales are also important because they help the economy due to whale watching. Killer whales help science by helping scientist understand echolocation which helps them learn more about marine species and how to protect ocean animals from other noises. Killer whales have been kept captive for over 51 years. Killer whales being held captive generate a large profit for companies, while the killer whales live in a shallow concrete tank compared to their free-ranging lives in the wild. Trainers dying, whales dying, and numerous injuries documented on both trainers and whales provide why whales should not be kept in captivity.

A killer whale is a large aquatic mammal. A killer whale is often referred to as an orca. The killer whale got its name because they were frequently seen preying on other whales. They were first called whale killers, however, over time the name gradually switched to killer whales. A killer whale is part of the Delphinidae family which consists of 36 species, and the killer whale is the largest in this family. The killer whales class is considered mammalian. A mammal breathes air through their

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