Killing The Black Body: An Analysis

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Having a sincere appreciation for clear and concise parameters, I tend to be a pretty literal person and at one time considered law as a profession. Hence, I can emphatically say that my thoughts regarding binding legal documents were that it was a signer’s responsibility to understand and sign only what they agree to and agree to be held accountable for. That is, until I examined the circumstances surrounding the way in which a person signed an agreement, I had not considered the meaning of consent and what true consent encompasses. Today my understanding of consent has changed considerably. Consequently, I now know, true consent involves decisions based on factual information, made without duress or pressure, with a clear understanding of the agreement and its effects, both possible and probable, without influence, and with the ability to consult others, including professionals if desired.
Although it seems unfathomable to have this right denied, specially by a figure in a position of trust and authority, who has taken an oath to help rather than harm under all circumstances, that is …show more content…

In Dorothy Roberts’ book “Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction and The Meaning of Liberty” (1997), we are challenged to consider the meaning of reproductive liberty. Dorothy writes: Reproductive liberty is a matter of social justice, not individual choice”. While this statement implies a woman’s right to make decisions regarding her body as an inalienable right, that was certainly not the case with thousands of Puerto Rico women were sterilized. Consent must be a decision that is reached with full disclosure on the choice being made. Without the knowledge needed to make an educated decision or if someone is threatened as in the case of the women in the “No Mas Bebes”, it is more coercion and manipulation than

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