King Khafra ( Or Chephren )

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King Khafra (or Chephren, this vision is shown in the description for his statue in Egyptian Museum), who’s name and face are well-known by the Second Pyramid and the Great Sphinx, is now sitting in the exhibition of old kingdom in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. A statue of King Khafre which comes from 2500BC is now placed in the centre of the exhibition. It is found in Khafra’s magnificent Valley Temple, and is believed to be the one of the twenty-tree statues which belonged to the Valley Temple in Giza. The statuary is the quintessential expression of kingship, and it reflects factors concerning art, culture, economy or other elements during 4th Dynasty in ancient Egypt. According to Egyptian sculptor Adam Haneen, The Old Kingdom is the …show more content…

The false beard is broken, but it does not loss its meaning: a symbol of god. Most of the male gods in ancient Egypt wearing beards. The beard is a fascinating element in ancient Egyptian art, most of the pharaonic sculpture has a false beard, to claim the position of royal family, and an embodiment of gods, because the beard was considered to be a divine attribute of the gods. In accordance with this religious formula, the pharaoh would express his status as a living god by wearing a false beard secured by a cord on certain occasions. Also, the false beard can support the head of the sculpture to avoid breaking from the neck. What under his serious-looking face is a muscular body. Egyptian were expert in idealizing their rulers, and this one is no exception. It is difficult to believe that all the pharaohs had such good build as they used to be richest, well looked after men. However most of the pharaohs convince everyone that he is the best man in the world, he is divine, and chosen by the gods, no wonder why they have a perfect body. Besides, a muscular and powerful body is required in a sense of protecting all his people from the enemies. In contrast to the pharaoh, the sculpture of Sheikh el-Balad, who was the chief lector priest, is far more life-like for a fat body with a beer belly. The sculpture of Sheikh el-Balad is displayed just next to the Diorite Statue of King Khafra, the difference between the two statues is obvious.The Diorite Statue of

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