Essay about King Zethius' Meeting

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King Zethius took a leisurely walk through his tranquil gardens at his own pace, and it was a slow, slow pace. Even though the hot scorching midday sun was beating down, he found it necessary to take a walk, calm his nerves, and gather his thoughts on issues soon to come. For many months, the king and his advisers have met in one, of many cool, damp secret chambers beneath the Citadel of Splendor to discuss the growing problems with lawless merchants outside Kelmoor Keep. For far too long the wily merchants from Verktus and Westgate have plundered the small independent cities, towns, and farm villages scattered about the lush moorlands of their goods. Some merchants would force the farmers to sell their goods at very low prices …show more content…

"Perfect," happily welcomed the good news, "the sooner the better." Hugging a small stack of palimpsest close to his chest, he headed off to the war chambers sorting through the papers as he walked, nimble fingers folding the pages back just enough so he could see the titles or numbers on the pages. Instead of writing down real names, he gave everything a nickname. Therefore, if someone was able to read or stole his papers they would be completely lost, finding the writing gibberish and worthless. Thanks to his curse, he would remember them all with little thought. Rounding the corner, he saw the name Ventis, and stopped at the well-guarded door that led down to the sub-terrestrial chamber. He closed his eyes remembering the names and faces he spoke to while in the small city. He remembers their eyes. The soul bleeds through the eyes like mirrors splashed with a ceaseless lambent, a manifestation filled with life, and love, and happiness, and freedom. Sadly, what he saw in most of the people, were eyes like windows of gloom; a light so dim one could scarcely see it, a manifestation that was lifeless and insignificant, and meaningless, simple obtuse idlers without any will of their own. "That is it," he cried, "They are using magic! The guards that were flanking the door shared glances to one another, but said nothing. Ignoring the guards, he stepped to the landing, greeted by the scant flickers of light

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