Kingsolver's Butterflies in Flight Behavior

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What moves us to inquire about the world we live in; what inspires us to change, and how do we grow intellectually? Knowledge is an accumulation of experiences, which are obtained either conventionally in a school setting, or indiscriminately through life-experiences. Likewise, from these experiences conventional or otherwise, information is then transferred, acquired, and reappropriated. However, within this sequence of events knowledge is at risk of misinterpretation. In those circumstances it is the story, the most ancient forms of communication that is capable of making the unfamiliar appear obvious. Through her story Flight Behaviour, Barbara Kingsolver acts as a teacher, surreptitiously conveying her own opinions on education and the process of learning through the development of her characters. Subsequently, Kingsolver provides a valuable outlook regarding the elements required to engage intellectually; and furthermore her outlook offers creditable insight regarding the process of learning. Not merely an anecdotal novel, Kingsolver conveys a fundamental educational paradigm through her narrative. Indeed, engaging intellectually requires both aptitude and enthusiasm, but Kingsolver proposes that education is far more complex than a simple binary. Kingsolver suggests that intellectual engagement is both a process and a maturation of one's ability to reason, which is fundamentally rooted in logic and passion.
Narratives offer a framework, which support unfamiliar

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