Knestrict´s Memories Of The Other: Lesson In Connecting With Students

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In the article, Memories of the “Other”: Lesson in Connecting with students, written by, Dr. Thomas Knestrict, Ed.D., Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio, illuminates the obstacles a child struggling with learning disabilities, the school system who had pushed him through even with , educators lack of knowledge in handling a child with learning disabilities and need for meaningful relationships between child and educators to help build upon successful students.
Evaluation: In early 1970, children with learning disabilities were treated much differently than the peers that were at appropriate grade level. In this student’s case, the school system segregated the special needs students placing them in special classroom and labeled them as “slow learners”. With the teachers and school administration lack of knowledge on helping students with disabilities, students were at a disadvantage in receiving a fair education. Children felt as …show more content…

Children at a young age digest information and build upon their memory bank and improve critical thinking skills. Without this, the child will not have the capabilities to learn. Paying attention to the delivery of information is important for teachers to understand, they should not be degrading students making them feel as if they are dumb, stupid and incompetent of learning. Children become fragile, have low self-esteem, loss interest in attending school, feel isolate and have difficulty making friends. Accordingly to author’s source, Wink & Wink, “We know that human connection is crucial to child development but our school fail to manifest this knowledge in practice” The human connection is crucial to child development, having a teacher and student relationship helps in child academics, help to build up self-confidence, encourage them often, during discussion call out students

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