Knowledge Is The Importance Of Knowledge

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Knowledge is the understanding of something such as facts, information or descriptions. Many might say that we acquire knowledge through experience which is true however, a combination of stories and facts play a major role in gaining knowledge. A fact is a statement that is true and can be proven through experimentation. Stories on the other hand are accounts of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment. One area of knowledge which mainly consists of facts but takes the form of stories too is the natural sciences which have been used throughout the years to understand the history of the natural world better. In art, another area of knowledge, stories play a much more important role than facts in providing us knowledge. Many scientific discoveries which largely impact our world nowadays, came about through accidental experimentations. Penicillin, a group of antibiotics used to combat a variety of infections is an example of a serendipitous event responsible for saving millions of lives. Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming's had left a dirty petri dish in the lab sink, and after coming back from vacation, a culture of bacteria had grown all over the plate, except in one area, where strange fungus was formed that had killed all of the surrounding bacteria in the culture. Penicillin nowadays is an extremely important medicine for fighting infections yet there was a chance that it wouldn’t have been discovered. Furthermore, one of the most famous anecdotes in

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