Korean War After The Cold War

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“War doesn’t determine what is right, only what is left,” said Bertrand Russell. Everyone once in their lives face Korean war in their history classes. Korean war, the first military attack after the cold war occurred between 1950 to 1953 and left a hostile scar in the world with more than 5 million casualties that the Koreas ended in a ceasefire, not a peace treaty, technically remaining the peninsula still at war. The headline: “Negotiations Break Down Between Two Koreas” (Choe, “The New York Times”) illustrates how the two Koreas failed to achieve an agreement as they couldn’t narrow their differences on holding reunions for separated families. In this negotiation talk, South Korea requested for corporations on reuniting thousands of aging Koreans whose families are dispersed by the Korean war. However, North Korea would carry out this only when the South agrees on continuing the tourist business in collaboration with the North which was ceased after a South Korean tourist got shot by a soldier from the North Korean army for roaming around the restricted area in 2008. The tourist investigation had been a significant financial backer to the North and South Korea would resume this, if they admit and apologize for their fault. Unfortunately, the talk was founded as a result of not budging from its position. Later on, in August that year, they had a military engagement after two South Korean border guards were crippled by the land mines from North Korea. In fact, breaking…
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