Kurt Vonnegut's 2BR02B Essay

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The story 2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr is based in the future in 2081. Kurt Vonneguts stories take place in the future and are science fiction. In the future the world has population control and only a certain amount of people could live on earth. At the beginning of the twenty first century, there was not a lot of resources on earth to feed everyone. That is when population controlled came in, and the earth became a cleaner place to live and not so packed (Kurt Vonnegut). There were no issues on earth. The world was perfect. No one had any illnesses or were going to die. There was no crime, so no prisons needed. The only time someone would die, is if they would volunteer to die for someone else or they were just tired of life. Sounds like a perfect world, well it might be, if that person does not want to have children and want immortality. The United States is a perfect place to live. Everyone has immortality and can choose when they want to die. There was no crime, so murders did not take place anymore. This helped to eliminate prisons. The only downside to the new population control …show more content…

She is greeted by the painter and builds a conversation with the painter. The painter is amused by the lady in purple, and decides to put her face onto one of the faceless bodies (Kurt Vonnegut). The painter did not like what he was painting, but had no other choice. The first body he choices, the lady is not pleased. The lady in the moral is carrying stalks to the burner. Leora the lady in purple, is just the hostess at the termination center. She is assuming the lady carrying stalks, is the one terminating people and getting rid of the bodies (Kurt Vonnegut). She is not wanting to be the face of that character in the moral carrying stalks to the burn pile. She is not the one killing people; she just makes them comfortable. The doctor then walks into the waiting room and at this point in the story it is building to the rising

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