Lab Safety And Safety In A Science Lab

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Lab safety is very important if you are going to work in a science lab. The two things to always remember when working in a lab is safety and that lab is a privilege. The Lab is a privilege each student is lucky to have, without it the students would not be able to conduct experiments in the laboratory. One of the most important reasons why students should always be safe is because many things in the lab can be harmful to one or others in the lab. Toxic substances may be spilled, shards of glass or other sharps may cause injuries/accidents if one is not careful. Lab procedures must be talked over and thoroughly in a lab to make sure that the lab is a safe environment to perform tasks for the experiment. Using good judgment, observe safety rules and follow directions can prevent accidents from happening.
One of the first rules in the laboratory is having the correct /appropriate attire. While working in the lab all clothing must not be baggy or loose and be able for one to work in their workspace. Hair must be slicked back and out of the way from all materials during an experiment. Open toes shoes are not allowed in the lab, only enclosed shoes. No long dangling jewelry or items are permitted. As well, goggles should always be on just in case any chemicals or materials are out of harms worth. Lastly, in the lab, all students including the professor should be wearing an apron while conducting all experiments. This prevents a lot of accidents that can be caused by the

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