Lack Of Homelessness In America

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Everyday, more than half the people in America are homeless. Some are in some type of emergency shelter, living on the streets, or transitioning from house to house. As a citizen of the United States, we need to find a way to end homelessness. We need to provide aid or employment for the homeless. One way to end homelessness is to provide more affordable housing. Lack of housing creates homelessness. Putting more houses in America is essential to ending homelessness. Creating housing will provide a stable platform so people can keep a job, take care of their health, and address their mental illness. We can even put the homeless in temporary homes to let them get back on their feet, so they can have permanent homes. However, one of the stipulation to acquire housing, should be, if you are on drugs or drinking alcohol you must enter a program to help you to stop that bad habit. Some of the homeless are addicts or alcoholics and need free rehab programs to help them. This will help them to stay in the homes and not end up back on the streets. Most homeless people are homeless due to economic circumstances or from a unsettled family surroundings. We need to quickly put families in homes before it get worst. Housing is a huge essential human right. Healthcare in the United States is a key. It is vital for people to stay healthy and alive. We don’t just need housing we also need affordable healthcare. Most homeless people are sick or dying right now
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