How To Start A Lacrosse Essay

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Throughout my life, sports have always been my escape. If i’m mad about something that happened in school, I am able to go play sports and get lost in them. For me lacrosse is a huge deal. Something about it makes me so happy. I have so many accomplishments from starting Lacrosse that I am so grateful for. Lacrosse has made an impact on not just my life, but also my families. Throughout the years of playing lacrosse I have developed skills, friends, and memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. The reason why I started playing lacrosse was because of my sister, Hope and my mom. My sister played and my mom coached her. Hope is now playing for the Trojans at the University of Southern California. I hope that in the future I will end up playing for a D1 school just like my sister. I first started playing lacrosse in second grade. I started with one of my closest friends at the time, doing 5 Star clinics. During that time I made so many memories, like rolling down the big hill before practice and going to the Princeton Fountain after the last practice and swimming in it with my friend. From then, I went on to playing for a rec program in Montgomery. I learned so many skills that help me to this day. Also, some of my closest friends to this day, I had gotten closer with because of lacrosse. Every year we go to the Mens and Womens Final Four lacrosse games. My love of lacrosse has developed into many traditions for my family and me. One year my mom decided to put one of my

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