Lady Macbeth as the Real Driving Force Behind the Murder of Duncan

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Lady Macbeth as the Real Driving Force Behind the Murder of Duncan

Although in this play it is true that Macbeth murders Duncan and he willingly states, “I have done the deed” to his wife after the murder I believe that he is not completely to blame for this act.

I believe that the witches are originally to blame. Without the witches casting the spell to influence the murder or even just giving Macbeth the idea of becoming King through these means, the murder plot would not have been thought up and the actual murder would not have been carried out.

Macbeth could also be to blame by believing and trusting the witches’ prophecy. When the prophecy is told, Banquo does not believe what is …show more content…

Without Lady Macbeth’s physical influence or the witches’ influence via the spell I do not think that the murder would have been commited.

The murder in the play can be traced back to the witches influence on Macbeth. In Shakespeare’s time the audience would have been terrified at the idea of having witches on the stage. The fear of witches in that time attracted many dramatists and writers and was enhanced by the publishing of Daemonologie by King James VI of Scotland and I of England. The book was written to persuade sceptics of the importance of witchcraft, and to put himself in the forefront of modern thinking, showing that his learning and scholarship was thoroughly up to date.

At the beginning of the play, before the witches meet Macbeth, they cast a spell. This is significant because all of the happenings later in the play are influenced by this event. Later, even if Macbeth didn’t want to or couldn’t go through with the murder, he would have had to. At the point where Macbeth is going to murder Duncan, when Macbeth says, “Whose horrid image doth unfix my hair”, the witches are tempting him with the vision of a dagger. I believe that the only reason that he sees the dagger is because he begins to waver on the idea of the murder.

This play being a tragedy requires a flaw in the characters, in Macbeth’s case his ambition, and must tell of a person who is

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