Lake House Fire Short Story

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There we were, sitting in the warm summer darkness, on the creaking dock, with the fire as our only light source and the distant crackling of the remaining fireworks. Ainsley had just thrown her bloody paper towels into the fire as we felt the first raindrops hit our skin. It was the fourth of July and Sophie and I had been invited to our friend Ainsley’s lake house in Lake Placid for the week. We went outside on the dock to watch the fireworks and eat some s'mores by the fire. When the night was dying down, Ainsley spontaneously got a bloody nose, so we got paper towels and it was over quickly. The bloody noses were normal for Ainsley, so no need to worry about what caused the bloody towels that were thrown into the fire, it was what came after. We really did think …show more content…

That night, we all recounted the whole thing while eating popcorn and watching the sixth sense. Ainsley’s lake house has become something that we look forward to every summer. After middle school, she went away to a boarding school in Massachusetts, and the three of us barely ever get to see each other anymore. Usually it would seem like a bad idea to spend nine days straight with your best friends, but it didn’t cause any problems for us; quite the opposite, actually. We are all still such great friends, and the fact that we were together for so long non-stop, made for some really great memories. For down time and car rides, we brought the entire series of The X-Men and The Wolverine, among other movies. As we were watching, we thought that it would be a wonderful idea if the movies were made into musicals. Coming to the conclusion that they would most likely never be turned into musicals, we vowed to make our own. When we got to the house, we started on the script. It was quite extensive, actually, including sound effects, props and characters that

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