Lake Wab: A Short Story

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One day I was looking over a building for a client at lake Wab. Lake Wab was the largest lake for two hundred miles. It had been named after some native chief whose name was so hard to pronounce everyone ended up calling it Lake Wab for short. That’s where I ran into a friend from high school at the marina. I hadn’t seen Vern since he went to university. I had heard through some friends that he had come into heaps of money on one of his trips to Vegas but we hadn’t crossed paths since. Of course, the two of us had to catch up on each other’s lives with a few drinks on his boat. I guess you couldn’t call what Vern had as a boat, it was more like a big yacht. We were reminiscing about old school friends and who had fucked who.During the conversation, I told him I had married Sue and he called me a lucky bastard. He then shows me a picture of his wife. She was gorgeous, and he informed me she …show more content…

As either Liz or Sue would be shown the controls he was standing so close it looked like they were of one body. He would reach in with one hand to do something with the controls and his other arm just naturally went around their waists. Both Liz and Sue never flinched in the least by his blatant actions, and were laughing along with his antics. Vern moved his hand down to cup and ass cheek whenever he could. When there was no resistance from the girls he started to caress those ass’s, and squeeze those cheeks in earnest. It was a whole ten minutes later while I was shooting some video that Vern proclaimed to everyone that he was out far enough and it was topless time. He untied the tops of the girl’s bikinis. I looked around the rest of the boat and I was the only one that still had a top on so I got rid of that fast. Dennis and Roy then made their appearance dressed in tight Speedo’s. Big bulges on display soon had all the women on the boat starring at their

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