How Did The Indians Culture Affect The Lakota Culture

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The Lakota Indians had the sad and unfortunate luck of becoming personally acquainted with the westward thrust of American development when the Americans’ attitudes toward Indians had grown cynical and cruel. This interaction caused the Lakota culture to change a great deal during the nineteenth century. Horses and guns brought about a dramatic change in the Lakota’s culture. They “enabled them to seize and defend their rich hunting grounds, to follow the great migrating herds of buffalo that shaped their distinctive way of life, and by the middle of the nineteenth century to evolve into the proud and powerful monarchs of the northern Great Plains (R6).” They acquired their first horses and guns, along with the knowledge of how to handle…show more content…
It was a religion that promised a return of traditional way of life for the Indians. Which meant there would be bountiful hunting and that the White Man would leave their land. Unfortunately, the dance itself caused the white man anxiety and had them outlaw it which lead to circumstances that more quickly brought an end to the Indians. There was much significance surrounding Sittings Bull’s death. Most
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