Landis: Owning A Dog

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“BARK, BARK!” Dogs everywhere screeching at the top of their lungs like it’s the end of the world all hoping to be adopted by a loving family. This is the story of when I got my first pet, Landis. Landis is a lab pointer mix. We got him in October 2010, therefore I was about 5. My family rescued him from the Voorhees Animal Shelter. Landis was his name when we got him and my family and I decided not to change it. We were walking through the shelter and my sister, Rachel, saw his cute little face and exclaimed this is the one. We all agreed to get him and he’s been our dog ever since.
Owning a dog definitely has its ups and downs. These are some great examples of the downs. When we first saw Landis at the shelter we started petting

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