Last Duchess And Porphyrias Lover Analysis

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Lover Vs. Duchess
(An Analysis of Porphyrias Lover and Last Duchess)
Robert Browning was an author in the nineteenth century. He was known for his writings of dramatic monologues. Not all of Browning's poems were monologues, but his two most famous poems were dramatic monologues. Dramatic monologues are poems that have a character that is talking to a silent character in a critical moment. The character ends up revealing to the silent character the dramatic situation in the poem. Robert Browning wrote two very similar yet disparate poems called Last Duchess, and Porphyria's Lover.
The poems Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover are similar in many ways because both women are killed by their men. In both poems the men are jealous and think of their women as property so they had no problem killing their ladies. They didn't have respect for their women and don't treat them like humans. The men thought they were doing what was right for them. To the men in the story their women are just an item, something to show off. The time period of the poems were the same, during the victorian era. In the victorian era women were seen as property not so much as human beings. Women were to stay home, they were not allowed to have jobs. Just like this article states, “They were supposed to live a highly restrictive life with their life centered around their husband and subsequently their children”(Sutton). This statement in the article is talking about how the victorian era didn't care so much

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