Essay Law and Order in London in Late Nineteenth Century

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Law and Order in London in Late Nineteenth Century

The British police force came to being in the late eighteenth century. By 1800 there were only 2 police forces in the whole of Britain, both of which were in London. One was the Bow street runners, which was set up in 1749 and the other, was the Thames River police force, which by then was only 2 years old. The main turning point for policing as far as London is concerned came in 1829 when 'Sir Robert Peel', the home secretary of the time, created and set up a new police force, the metropolitan Police force.

The metropolitan police force was set up to carry out all the jobs that the watchmen and special constables did before them. Their …show more content…

Each division was in charge of the area that was assigned to them and then sometimes for big cases other divisions under the met would join up and work together.

There were many things that were expected of people who took on the job and responsibilities of a metropolitan police officer. The ideal recruit would be someone who was under 35 but over 20, well built, at least five foot seven, literate and of good character, but of course not all recruits were like this and in the beginning a lot of recruits had to be dismissed. The most common reason for being dismissed would be drunkenness.

At the beginning the police were not really there to solve the crimes, only to prevent them from happening. But gradually this changed and by 1842 the first detectives were introduced. Now as well as trying to prevent crime, they also tried to solve it. Although some work had to be put into it before the detectives were successful. As they didn't have the technology advances for policing that we have today and the main way to catch a criminal was to catch them in the act or to have a confession from the criminals themselves.

The police had to deal with many different types of crime in the late nineteenth century ranging from minor crimes such as pick pocketing, drunkeness and prostitution to more major crimes such as

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