Lead Essay Chemistry

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The element I decided to do was lead. Lead was used many years before and it is still used a lot today. Lead is still very useful and is found in many things that were used a long time ago and things we still use today. Lead is a very poisonous element that can really harm your skin and your body. Since lead is very toxic, it’s not recommended for children. Lead is also the heaviest of the carbon family.
Lead was used by the Romans for water pipes, aqueducts, tank linings, and cooking pots. In the 21st century, lead remains a cornerstone of society. Ancient scientists used it in cosmetics, paints, pigments, and in lead-rich glazes. The chemical properties in lead is what makes it a thoroughly modern metal. Lead’s chemical symbol comes from the latin word for waterworks.
Lead’s atomic number is 82. It’s atomic weight is 207.2, and lead’s atomic mass is 207.2 u + - 0.1 u. It also has a density that is 11.342 grams per cubic centimeter. Leads color can differ based on where it is. Lead can be an aqua white but then a dull gray color when it is exposed to air. It’s a solid at room temperature. ”It's element classification is a metal and its electron …show more content…

Lead poisoning is a serious and sometimes fatal condition. The poisoning is found in paints, toys, contaminated dust, and gasoline products. Children are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning because most of them use toy trucks or dolls which have paint and they are getting poisoned when they put them in their mouths a lot like most kids and toddlers do. Adults can also be poisoned but not as severe as children. Adults can get poisoned by lead and have muscle and joint pain, nerve disorders, digestive issues, and high blood pressure. That is not as severe as a child decreased in intelligence speech and language impairment, decreased bone growth, and kidney

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