Leadership Lessons Pausch and Dungy

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Leadership Lessons: Randy Pausch & Tony Dungy Laura Ward The Culture of Leadership September, 30, 2010 Abstract This paper is a look at some of the leadership lessons I have learned from researching Tony Dungy. Included in the text is some information about Tony’s life, leadership traits, and how he went on to successfully impact many lives of others through his accomplishments as an NFL Coach and family man. I have taken the information I learned about Tony and have included some examples of how I have applied my leadership skills to my life situations. This paper focuses on three main areas in the paper, and from there added my real life experiences, followed by a conclusion. Leadership Lessons: Tony Dungy Tony’s life and NFL…show more content…
Tony Dungy did this for his teams, and I have had the opportunity to do this for my team as well. I had a project team working on putting together an assessment process for the Midland site, and we were about two months into the project when we learned the sad news that one of our team members had been killed in a car accident. The team was completely devastated, and I knew we were going to have a really rough time getting through the project and I was extremely distracted myself. But I also knew that the team needed me, and I had to be there for them as much as I needed them to be there for me. I decided to put the project on hold for a month, but still asked the team to meet on a regular basis, so that we could get through this together. It was rough, and the first meeting we all really just spent time grieving together and talking about our team member and the good times we had. I think taking that time was the right thing to do, and we were able to regroup after the month and continue on with the project. I have formed really strong relationships with those folks, and some of them still seek me out today to lean on me when they are having a tough time. I sometimes wonder if they know that inside, I feel vulnerable and need that too, but I just don’t want to let them down. In times of need, I know the last thing I would expect of my leader is to fall apart and absolutely lose it. Now I know that it is expected as we are all human, but being able

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