Learning The Pledge Of Allegiance

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Before I learned to count, I was taught to put my right hand over my heart and pledge my allegiance; to promise to stand by a nation that has “liberty and justice for all”. Learning the pledge of allegiance in kindergarten was my first real exposure to hypocrisy. The US claims to provide a level field for everyone, but dispels any real movement towards it. If there truly was liberty and justice for all there wouldn’t be discrimination, racism, or intolerance. Instead though, everywhere you turn society is filled with hatred and unacceptance. As a first hand observer to the discrimination of members of the gay and African American communities, I have developed a sense of how unjust and unaccepting the American society truly is.
I take great pride in being a privileged mulatto woman and being a part of the African American community. However, being that my appearance resembles my white background much more heavily than my black, I am subjected to the unfiltered discrimination against those of the black community.
I come from a privileged, white dominant, suburb where diversity isn’t something to brag about. This type of community is less acclimated to the multifariousness that exists outside of the city borders. As a result, I have observed a lot of ignorance towards minorities. Even among my friends I am subjected to discriminatory remarks against those of the African American and gay communities.
My friend Jacob is the son of a pastor who preaches in a church that does

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