Learning To Read And Write By Frederick Douglass And Learning To Read By Malcolm X

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Learning a new set of skills can be off putting and come with many difficult challenges. In the excerpt, “Learning to Read and Write “ by Frederick Douglass and “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X it discusses each mans challenges to be literate as black men in America. Though set almost half a century apart, hardships occur as both strive for greatness. Through their use of diction, details, and language each speaker differentiates themselves from each other and forms their own unique way of sharing their story. In the two excerpts the two men use diction to expose their character and evoke emotions in the reader. Frederick Douglass describes his first challenge, when abandoned by his mistress’s teachings and he has to come up with ways to become familiar with reading. “The plan which I adopted, and the by which I was most successful, was that of making friends with all the little white boys whom I met in the streets”. BY choosing to say this Douglass then makes himself seen like a strong independent man. When things get tough he doesn’t give up he simply finds another way to get it done and that is impressive. While Douglass uses diction to empower himself Malcolm X uses diction to lower his ego and describe himself before learning to read, “In the street, I had been the most articulate hustler out there I had commanded attention when I said something. But now trying to write simple English I not only wasn’t articulate, I wasn’t even functional”. BY sharing this specific
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