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Joe Matela Mullins Green/1 April 13, 2012 Rough Draft They inbound the ball, he takes it past mid-court with only 2 seconds left; he dribbles to the three-point line and somehow gets the shot off. It goes in! They win the hard-fought game by nailing the buzzer-beater; this is just one of the 17 game-winning shots that LeBron James has made in his short, eight-year career to give his team the lead in the final seconds of the game. LeBron James is just one of the many athletes that play the exciting game of American Basketball, a fast-paced sport that is extremely entertaining and viewed by an abundance of people through-out the globe. There have been, there are, and there will be many individuals who play the game of basketball very…show more content…
“James’ basketball coach at the time, Frankie Walker, offered to school LeBron and give him a nice home until his mother Gloria was able to afford to take care of him,” (“LeBron James: American Basketball player.” Newsmakers 1). During these tough times, LeBron formed an immense admiration towards his mother. During an Interview, James said, “My mother is my everything. Always has been. Always will be,” (“LeBron James: American”1). “Toward the end of elementary school, LeBron found a true stabilizing influence in his life: basketball,” (“LeBron James: American Basketball player.” Newsmakers 1). He first started playing basketball when he was about nine years old with a team called the Hornets at the Summit Lake Community Center (Bissinger 17). In 8th grade, LeBron joined an Amateur Athletic Union team called the, “Shooting Stars,” coached by Dru Joyce, a graduate from Ohio University, (“LeBron James: American Basketball player.” Newsmakers 1). Also on the team was Coach Dru’s son, nicknamed, “Little Dru,” who would later become one of LeBron’s best friends (Bissinger 20). The Shooting Stars would continue on to win a handful of national tournament catching the attention of many recruiters. James’ and his team were later invited to a private Catholic school, St. Vincent- St. Mary high school in Akron, Ohio, (“LeBron James: American Basketball player.” Newsmakers 1). Even Keith Dambrot put Coach Dru on the staff because of what he did with the, “Fab

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