Legalization Of Marijuan Colorado

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Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado Colorado is one of the first two states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana. The legalization indicated a momentous shift in drug policy in the state, and nationally as well, since the federal government has yet to seek to override Colorado’s violation of federal drug policy. Beforehand, there were many predictions made on the economic and social impacts of the legalization if it occurred, and to date, many have not come true. Of course, with such a small data set to work with, and only a couple years of information so far, it is unwise to make broad generalizations about the effects of the drug being legal, as enjoyable as making those assertions may be for some people. Nonetheless, some data is in, and these paint a preliminary picture of post-legalization Colorado. In the preceding years, when ferocious battles were waged over the wisdom of legalization, both in direct conversations and of course, on the internet, marijuana proponents made boasts about what a major positive impact on government budgets making pot legal would have. To people familiar with economics, basic math and tax policy, these arguments seemed very weak, and that is exactly what they have been proven to be in the first years of Colorado’s new drug era. Taxing a popular consumed item, whether it is hamburgers, alcohol or marijuana is never going to solve any budget dilemma. Budgets are based on foundations of taxing all property and/or all sales and/or all

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