Leprechaun Research Paper

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The Leprechaun It’s the 9th century you and your buddies are all having fun on your ship when a bad storm hits. Your ship sinks, although you and your friends are okay but you discover a little person dressed in green. You have no idea where you are but you know that you’er on a little island ,Ireland,. You and you buddies can’t wait to tell your families all about this place. On your way home from the island you discuss what they looked like, if they can be found in other places, and how to tell people about them. Leprechauns are Irish fairies that are like mini people. Leprechauns are mini people that somehow always have a pip with them. They wear a little suit that looks like a mini version of a pilgrim but green. They also have red hair and a red bread and they have a 4-leaf clover in their hat. These Irish fairies look like us in different ways. Leprechauns are not just “found” at the end of rainbows. People always say that the way to “find” a leprechaun is to go to the end of a rainbow. But they can also be “found” in tree roots were they supposedly live when there is no rainbow. In England they have a special place just for plants, wild animals, and leprechauns that is protected and the have a sign that specifically says “Plants, Wild Animals, and …show more content…

The Vikings that “discovered” the leprechauns when their ship was destroyed when a storm hit and came ashore to an isolated island ,Ireland,. They had “found” mermaids, fairies, and leprechauns that were all there having fun until 3 vikings came over then everybody disappeared but one leprechaun. Then the leprechaun helped the vikings, later they stole the leprechauns gold and left a note, on their way back home they went to check on their gold but found a note and one coin like the one they left the leprechaun, since then leprechauns haven’t trusted humans. It all started when three vikings stole their

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