Leprechaun Story

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Once there was a little boy who wanted to be a leprechaun. His Family lived in a small village called Wonton. It was very old school and irish like. It had markets and bakers, farms, houses, a school, and church. After school the little boy would go home and play his favorite game, Leprechaun. He would put on a coat, hat, and a fake beard and cause mischief around the house or in the town. One day while he was playing leprechaun his mother asked him to take a gift basket to the new neighbors at the top of the hills in the woods. Since the little boy was board he agreed and he play leprechaun on the way. When he was close to the neighbors house he heard a wierd noise. “Goooooooooo” Frightened the little boy called out, “Who’s there?” But

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