Lesson 29 Creative Writing : Short Story

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Lesson 29 Creative Writing: Short Story “Dream Chasers” “All I can recall from June 7, 2008, is waking up and heading down stairs. My father, Randall Watts, was sitting at the table wearing his favorite tie along with the suit he had since he was 39,” I explain to the detective sitting across from me. “Can you describe that tie?” Detective May questions in a somber voice. “It was green with mustard yellow stripes,” I reply with great sadness. “My mother, Shelly Watts, was tending to my little cousin who was staying with us at the time. My mother was wearing her brand new grey suit she had bought at J.Crew the week before. As I grabbed the food from the refrigerator, my mother and father looked at each other and then at me. Right as I grabbed my strawberry pop tart with color sprinkles, I heard a honk. It was my best friend Kirsten. “Thank you, Katie,” he says in a pitiful voice, “we have another detective coming in to talk with you.” I sit in that hard wooden chair for what feels like hours until I hear a knock. “Hi, Katie, I’m Detective Brave; I’m here to help you figure out who the monster is that hurt your parents,” she speaks in a comforting voice. I look up. I cannot believe my eyes. No, it couldn’t be. “Kirsten?” I ask as my heart beats fast. “How do you know my name?” “Kirsten, it’s me your best friend, Katie.” “I’m sorry, but I don’t have a best friend named Katie. Are you okay?” I open my eyes. Light…so much light. Peering down at me are two curious faces.
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