Lessons From Tuesdays With Morrie. To Be Happy In Life,

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Lessons from Tuesdays With Morrie
To be happy in life, live the way you want, with dignity, courage, humor, and composure. In “Tuesdays With Morrie” Professor Morris “Morrie” Schwartz taught that lesson every single day of his life up until his death. Even the threat of death does not mean that you stop living with compassion, love, and energy. Morrie’s story and the way he taught Mitch is a perfect example of psychology in real life, taught by two people who are very talented in the subject of sociology.
In Tuesday’s With Morrie, the story follows an old man who had been diagnosed with ALS and was dying. In the book, Morrie would talk with a former student of his, Mitch. Mitch told the story from his point of view, including stories from …show more content…

The book relates to psychology as it shows many different aspects of psychology such as the biological, behavioral, cognitive, social, humanistic, and psychodynamic. These are all shown within Morrie’s personality before the disease and who he was during the disease. Mitch only displayed a couple of the schools of psychology in the same way Morrie did, those new thoughts coming to light through Morrie’s character. Biologically, Morrie was dying due to having asthma combined with ALS, a neurological disease that debilitates the body. This affected Morrie physically as many of the things he liked to do were becoming difficult to do, such as dancing, talking, eating, etc. all of which are basic things requiring movement. In turn, Morrie’s behavior changed as well. Morrie became more responsive to other people’s issues and problems(even more so than he already did before). Mitch changed a lot in behavior as well; he had changed a lot from his college days and then changed plenty since his reconnection with his teacher. Mitch beforehand had never enjoyed “touchy -feely stuff” but later he made attempts to give loving embraces to his teacher; in their last meetings Mitch partook in hugging, kissing, holding, carrying, etc., things that Morrie craved(18, 25, 54, etc.). Morrie had fully accepted the idea of death, which was weird as he didn’t appear to go through any of the grieving stages others

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