Lessons Learned Through History Are The Foundation For Not Repeating Previous Mistakes

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Lessons learned through history are the foundation for not repeating previous mistakes. The U.S. military and governments greatest success stems from their use of lessons learned and adapting to the various threats around the globe. The spread of communism following the end of World War II (WWII) and ensuing turmoil throughout Latin America, set the stage for mistakes and blunders that occurred during the late 1950s and 1960s. One key mistake is the ill-fated Bay of Pigs Invasion on 15 April 1961 and the second and third order effects that inevitably lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis a year later. The Bay of Pigs Operation placed Cuban Exiles known as the 2506 Brigade, backed and trained by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), against Cuban President Fidel Castro’s armed forces on the island nation of Cuba. The 2506 Brigade Cuban Exile Forces (CEF) conducted a night amphibious landing on the south side of the island in the Bay of Pigs area in an attempt to invoke a revolution intent on overthrowing Fidel Castro’s regime. However, after three days of fighting on established beachheads, the 2506 Brigade was defeated and the U.S. government humiliated. Historians contemplate the alternative outcome of the Bay of Pigs Operation and the eventual alliance formation between Cuba and the Soviet Union. Resulting in the Cuban Missile Crisis the following year and international tensions within Latin America into the present.

The Bay of Pigs Operation: A Comprehensive

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