Lessons Learned from My Grandmother's Death

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When we are born we are taught many things. We are taught not to touch the stove, because it’s hot. We are taught not to hit others, because it’s wrong. We are taught in order to get good grades we must study. One thing we are not taught is that in life we will carry a load. The distance between failure and success is short. It is the load we carry that makes the walk difficult to get to the finish line. We plan and strategize but we do not include the radical variables that can be a factor in achieving out goal. On my path to my Bachelor degree I had a difficult load to carry. It is one that I will never forget because it has taught me the best life lesson yet.

No matter what is going on in my life I have always found the time for my family. Some may think that is typical, but I come from a very young family. My grandmother had my mom when she was 13 and my mom had me when she was 18, therefore my grandmother was not only a mother figure but also one of my best mentors. That is why when she said she wanted me to come to New Jersey to see her I did not hesitate. It was at a good time because I had a break between semesters. When I arrived she welcomed me with open arms. She always spoiled me and had so many preparations for me when I got there. She redecorated my room she reserved just for me in her home and I was so happy and surprised. I absolutely loved it. She prepared a great big meal for me and I felt like all was good. Things seemed to be normal except one thing. I

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